Friday, April 9, 2010

Liquors- Part II- Kahlua

Kahlua seemed like the logical place to start, seeing as how I may have whetted some appetites with my first post on liquors. (ok, ok, "may" is off the mark- I've had demands! LOL) The Kahlua is shown in this picture- it's the very dark liquid near the right.

Obviously, this recipe is close to my heart, as my mother and I used to make it together. It was her recipe. It always makes me think of happy times when I make it. I hope you have some happy times of your own with this!

Honestly it's a snap to make, and a wonderful result. After the original recipe, I'll add a variation I've tried, as well as a fantastic recipe that includes Kahlua that was introduced to me by a friend (Thanks Wendy!).

3 cups boiling water
8 Tablespoons decent quality instant coffee (doesn't have to be Starbucks, but it would be better if it was higher quality than Folgers, if you can manage)
4 cups sugar
1 fifth (26 oz) vodka (low to medium price is fine- no need for top shelf)
1 vanilla bean

Combine water and instant coffee until it's dissolved. Add sugar and stir til dissolved. Let cool to room temperature. Add vodka and pour into glass bottles (it doesn't need to age in the final bottles, you can use jars, but it seems to work best in glass). Cut vanilla bean in half lengthwise. Add 1/2 vanilla bean to each bottle. Let age at least 3 months before serving.

Variation: substitute 1 oz vanilla extract (high quality) for vanilla bean. Let age at least a week, then serve.

Kahlua Mousse:
1 large box instant chocolate pudding
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup Kahlua
1 small container Cool Whip whipped topping

Mix pudding, milk and Kahlua as if you were just making pudding (electric mixer works best, blender will work in a pinch, whisk is fine too). When combined, fold in Cool Whip and pour into pudding glasses and freeze til firm.

Note: this can be served as a frozen treat if you let it really freeze. It will never get hard and solid due to the alcohol content, but it does firm up a lot. If you just want to eat it like pudding, pop it in the freezer for at least an hour or so. You can also serve this as it was originally served, as a pudding shot. This is best done by putting it in the Dixie bathroom style cups that are a couple of ounces. That way it can be squeezed out into your mouth and won't require a spoon. This recipe is to DIE for and once you make it, your friends will demand it at every event!

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