Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Repurposing- Produce Bags from Bath Poufs

I need to make new bath poufs. I'm sick of the ones we buy (for a dollar, can't *really* complain) falling apart after a few months of use. So I'll be making some out of washclothes once I figure out exactly what I want them to look like. I figure those should last for at least a couple years instead of a couple months. But what to do with the net one that just fell apart?

So when you cut the cord off the pouf, you're left with about 15 feet of continuous tube netting. There are probably all sorts of things you can do with it at this point. I was thinking originally about making it into pot scrubbers, and it would also work for keeping your delicates corralled in the laundry. But it also makes dandy bags for produce or wild harvest.

All you have to do is tie a knot in the end (I twirled the net a bit to make it sort of a cord then knotted it- this helps you be able to pull it tight). Pull the knot very tight or it will come undone.

Then you cut the net to the length you want, so that you get the size of bag you want. I cut 2 of mine super long to hold cattails, and then a few small ones to hold fruit or veggies at the market, or wild harvest items.

**NOTE** One of the bags I made seemed to tear awful easily. I'm not sure if that was just a weak spot on the net, or what. But until I am able to test them out further, I'm not sure that produce bags are the best "repurpose" for bath poufs. It did work just dandy to tie around bundles of cattails to keep them together for lugging back to the car, and would also make a nice dish sponge. Oh well, you live and learn, right? :)

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  1. Just loving your imagination Jen, I have quite a few of these lying around, and not once have i looked at them and thought: "produce bags"!! Would work well to store and dry onions etc from the garden I bet. :)